Condition of the Walls and Removing 3M Command Strips

I try to bring you real tales from my DIY Life: from my home and my clients’.  I can honestly say... “I can’t make this stuff up” I visit homes and teach on the spot – I show tips and tricks, suggest design ideas and have even been to known to grab a tool from the car and fix stuff on the spot. I can’t help myself.  I like problem solving and problem preventing too!! A new client inspired this newsletter because she is the ideal HIP Chick. She’s eager to learn, ready to listen and ballsy enough to try Doing It Herself.  And she is from Britain, so I could listen to her all day! We meet few weeks back for a design consult. She wanted to update her kid’s bathroom but keep it on a budget. The goals – change the vanity, medicine cabinet, lights, re-caulk the tub and paint the room. She had gotten estimates over $2000. Crazy. So much of this she could do herself, with a little instruction and hands on help! First step was the painting. I went to her home and reviewed how to prep, what wall patch products to use, and

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