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Flush the Fear

My Signature Speech

Flush the Fear is a sassy, poignant and cleansing message. It’s a movement about letting go of the fear, anxiety and negative crap. Eliminate the lies and stories we tell ourselves about not being worthy, lovable or simply enough! This universal tale of toilets and fear reminds us all that we deserve to feel happy, awesome and fulfilled.

It’s interactive, funny and inspiring as I bring a real toilet to the stage for a little Potty Talk. It’s clean enough for grandma but raw enough to make an impact on groups of any age.

It begins with you Flushing the Fear and ends with you feeling smart, capable and confident!

DIY Demos

Live Interactive Sessions

Customized, Educational & Engaging Workshops that come to your group to build better, more capable homeowners. Ideal for DIY learners of every age and skill level.


Home Repair Made Easy

Cents-Able Decorating

Sprung a Leak – Plumbing

Static Cling – Electrical Basics

Porcelain Complexion – Tile Works

Hang on – Wall Installs

Having a Hot Flash – Winterization

and more…

DIY Branding

Building Blocks of Media Branding

Wanna pitch your business to the media? Think you need to hire a PR firm to have results? Well you don’t! With the right steps, you can gain media attention by Doing It Yourself.

Learn how to get your brand noticed on TV, radio, print and online media. Do it with authenticity, engagement and results. Create strong relationships with the media that lead to opportunities and grow your network and networth.

I was a stay at home mom with an idea. I now have over 100 media credits and a growing brand.

I did it and you can too!

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