Personal – But I had to Share this Moving Experience


I gotta share something personal that my family took part in this weekend. It was so inspiring and I hope it inspires you as well.  I told you all about my brush with illness in the fall, worried that it was Lupus due to family history. Well in thinking about that I thought a lot about my Uncle Eddie. He was a great guy, big-hearted with a great sense of humor. He may not have had much formal education but he was one of the wisest, most loving men I know. But Eddie had some demons. He had been an alcoholic since his teens. I saw him come and go from our home for weeks at a time. I was too young to understand that he was off on a bender somewhere. But I do remember the day we went to pick him up from some man’s house in NE Philly. Eddie was sleeping in a shed-like structure outside this man’s house on what looked like a dog bed, in the cold fall. That was when he hit rock bottom and agreed to rehab. We were lucky because Ed got himself together. He was sober for 12 years, got married, ran a small business and then got sick. Eddie died at 44 from complications from Lupus which was only diagnosed after his death. His life was tough, far too short but inspiring to me nonetheless.

In thinking of my uncle, I felt the need to reach out to others who were on the street:  addicted, homeless and lost. Eddie was lucky; he had people able to help him. Not everyone does. These past 6 weeks, I organized a collection for the homeless – hats, gloves, hand warmers, snacks, and toiletries. I called it the Eddie Project. This Sunday my husband, my kids and I delivered 21 gift bags to random people we met in the streets of Philly – men, women, white, black, and brown. We met beautiful souls, who thanked us, blessed us and hugged us for the small gesture that came from the kindness of strangers. I walked away in tears for the opportunity to feel the beauty in the human moments we shared.  We will do this again come summer time delivering drinks, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses and flip flops to alleviate the challenge of the hot days in the city.  I learned that even if I am not comfortable handing out money to that man on the street, I have to make eye contact, say hello and connect. But for now I can look back and know that those people we met gave me more than they will ever know.

It really was a Super Sunday…


Now on to the SUPER BOWL!

I am not a fan of football but that was an impressive comeback.  But hey, I want you to experience your own super bowl too. A Super Toilet Bowl.

Ladies you deserve the BEST seat in the house! You are, of course, queens of the castle so you deserve a comfy and attractive THRONE. Yes I am talking toilets again. Many of you know my affection for toilets, strange but true. But I have a few tips regarding toilet seats to share with you so you buy the right one.

  1. Color – Bisque, almond, bone and white. Basically off white and white. The seat and bowl gotta match. This is a major fashion faux pas. Would you wear black shoes and a brown belt together? No! Shoes and belt have to match, so do the seat and the bowl!
  2. Size matters! So does shape. Before you head off to the Depot to get a new seat check yours out. Is it round or elongated (industry term for more oval)? Not sure just by looking at it? Grab a tape measure and check the inches from front to back. ( I can’t help myself. As a former RN, I must remind you ladies to wipe that way too. Prevents UTIs)
  3. What kind of seat do you want or need? The new soft closing seats are great for kids. They gently lower themselves closed. Less noise and less chance for pinched fingers!
  4. Wood, plastic or puffy vinyl? Well I know my fav. A solid wood sturdy seat every time. More durable, longer lasting and sturdy enough that you can stand on it if you need to reach something overhead like a blind or shade. I hate plastic seats – cold and super flimsy if you even sit on the lid when it’s closed it dips down. And Puff the Magic Dragon may like those squishy vinyl seats but I hate when they stick to your bum! Your bum, your choice but that’s my 2 cents on seat style.
  5. Change them often! What does that mean? For me, I change a seat about every 2-3 years. I like a fresh experience. I hate that the seat can harbor odors (if you got boys in the house you know what I mean). But you have to decide what works for your home. Single woman may need to replace her seat in ten years. All depends on the wear and tear from your derriere!


The challenge of changing seats – Getting the old one off is often the hardest part! After years with moisture in the bathroom or the guys leaving their mark, liquids can rust the bolts holding down your seat. You will need a wrench or adjustable pliers to loosen it. If really stubborn, get an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush and clean the bolts with CLR to remove the nasty crud that is keeping it from turning. WD-40, olive oil and cooling spray may help too.


Want to learn how to replace the seat, the innards and the whole dang thing? Come to my new Plumbing and Electric Class – April 1 in Upper Dublin PA. Here is link for all the details.


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