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Live Classes are Fun, Informative & Empowering

Classes are held in the Philadelphia area, at your place or mine. Evenings or Saturdays are available.

Topics are:

Home Repair Made Easy –  My MOST popular class. 2 Hours chock full of common and annoying yet easy to do home repairs. Stuff every homeowner ought to know. You might regret it if you don’t.

Cents-Able Decorating – Designer tip and tricks to have a great space on a budget. From flooring to art, paint to furniture. You can have the look you want for less.

Sprung a Leak – Plumbing. Basics of dealing with clogs, leaks, changing fixtures and those potty problems!

Static Cling – Electrical Basics. Review of power problems, troubleshooting and easy fixes. Fixtures, switches, GFI, circuit and more.

Porcelain Complexion – Tile Works. The how to of tiling a back splash. An easy intro into the art and joy of creating custom tile projects.

Hang on – Wall Installs: Art, Curtains, Shelves and More. How to get it up there and keep it there. Anchors, Nails, Screws, and more. What to use where!

Having a Hot Flash – Weatherization. Everyday tips to seal up, caulk up, and insulate your home for all seasons. Easy, cost effective ways to save money and energy.

and more…

Where are the Classes?

At your place – I am available to come to your group venue and offer a variety of topics. I call it DIY TO GO. I can create semi custom classes to suit your groups learning needs.

At mine – I offer classes to the general public in libraries, community centers and other rented spaces. I will rally the girls and host a class as my schedule allows. We have fun connecting with other ladies and sharing our DIY stories and successes.

No Public Classes are scheduled as of now. Classes will resume in September. Please check back for details.

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Here’s what my students and group organizers have to say:

Beth Allen’s Home Repair Made Easy Program was a great success! Beth was a great speaker, encouraged audience participation, and demonstrated many simple cost saving home repairs – everything from handling clogged drains to running toilets. Beth was a real delight, and our library patrons left truly empowered to tackle their own home repairs. Highly recommended program! – Carol Saioni, Lower Southampton Library

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